7 Words That Make You Irresistible To Women

bchDo you believe in the power of words? Read on to learn a simple trick that really works to increase your self-confidence and esteem. Try this simple exercise and increase your attraction to women.

It is important to do the exercise each day for at least a week. Have you notices that women are turned off men that lack confidence. They generally hate men that are nervous, stammer or are unsure of themselves.

I feel most women want to be lead by a masculine, sensitive man, which allows them to surrender and let go. Good confidence is real turn on to a woman. The hotter the women the more insecure most men will become. The bad news is that if you go on and meet your date with your Hot women in a nervous state, she’ll smell it a mile away. That is assuming you got her to say yes to a date in the first place.

Hot women usually test men in some way to see if they are up to the challenge and do not fold like a wimp. After all, a hot woman gets asked out many times a day. Usually a man will say, “gee you are beautiful, can I ask you out?”

Imaging been approached like that many times a day and you can see why the hot women will just turn away with such a lame approach. Men that say the simple word NO will be rare around very sexy women.

So what are the 7 words that help to make you more irresistible to women? These words are very useful when you have a hot date lined up and want to feel more confident and at ease.

So before you meet your date or even before you ask her out say these words…

I love myself and I am irresistible.

Now this might just seem like positive thinking but if you say this many times each day, you will start to feel this way. Think of how many times a day you put yourself down in some way by some sort of negative thinking, especially around hot women.

When repeating this affirmation, feel how an irresistible man would stand. How would he talk and what would his body language be. How would he engage the women by his eye gaze? Really start to feel in your body what an irresistible man is like.

When you repeat this exercise each day your body will learn what an irresistible man feels in his body. When you are feeling like this in your body, women will be attracted to you and not even know why. If you really love yourself, women will feel this and feel you will be able to love them too.

Another way to create this feeling of self-love is to imagine back in your past when you were totally successful with a women. We all have something from our past when we felt on top of the world and this radiated out. When we want to feel powerful, just turn your mind back to this situation and imagine in again. Again try to feel what it felt like in your body. Breathe it in to your belly.

I hope these simple tips will help you increase your self-confidence and esteem and lead to more dating success.

by Maurice Tate

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