Tips to Get Your Girl Hooked: Make Her Yours Forever

Okay. It’s not enough that this girl likes you back. She has apparently made it clear that she also digs you and finds you sweet and is willing to go out on dates with you at last. And then, here you are, wanting her so bad.
You want her to be completely glued and hooked on you for entirely. The going-on-your-knees and professing-your-undying-love may back fire or just won’t work. So take these little tips to get your girl hooked. And make her yours forever!

  • Do not be available 24/7. You heard that right. Though you do want to be accessible to her every whim all the time, this would make her feel that you’re being obsessive and might be stalking her. Do not call or text all day (unless she does). This will make you look desperate. Instead, be cool. Ask her on a date, text her sometimes just to let her know you’re thinking of her. Drooling is not an option.
  • Make her feel special. When a girl finally says she likes you, do not be so comfortable by it. Keep being thoughtful. Continue saying sweet things to her and let her feel secure and cared for. Girls are suckers for romantic guys.
  • Constantly remind her that she’s extraordinary. It might be during a usual conversation, or you can blurt it out every once in a while. Like guys, girls would like to pump up their egos and this will absolutely make her glued on you.Be a good listener. Girls love to whine and talk all day. Listen and offer an advice. She may take it or leave it but believe me, she will totally appreciate you being involved.
  • Do not forget yourself. By putting extra effort on how you look, dress and move, this will add up to your charisma and make a girl swoon, reminding herself how lucky she is to have you. But remember: be yourself. Nothing beats it when you show your true colors.

by Mark Taylor


How to Tell If a Guy Likes You – Does He Really Like You?

Let me say right off the bat: stop wasting your time going after men that won’t appreciate you. If you have to be something other than who you really are then he is not worth it. If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you then there are certain ways to do this, let’s take a look at a few:

  1. When he really likes you he will show it by spending quality time with you. If you are with someone that is not giving you the quality time that you deserve than that is not a good sign.
  2. Another sign that he really likes you is judged by the affection he shows you. I am not talking about wanting to go to bed but I am talking about public displays of affection; hugging, kissing, sweet nothings, etc …
  3. In my opinion, the best way how to tell if a guy likes you is to ask him. It may seem like an obvious statement but you would be surprised at how many guys are straight up and willing to tell you how he really feels. So, just go ahead and ask him.
  4. Does he make eye contact with you? When a guy likes you he will look you right in the eye but that is one of the first things to do when he does not.
  5. If he really does like you he will also be willing to help you out with the little things. For example: He will help you wash dishes, pick up your trash and throw it out, do little favors, it really comes down to little acts of kindness.

If you are looking to discover whether or not he really likes you then there are some ways to figure this out. In the end, if he is not good to you and does not appreciate you for who you are then go find someone else.
As the old saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.

by Kim Kertzel

Some Tips For Building a Great Dating Profile – For Women

There is so much competition on the online dating sites that many women will resort to blatant lying or even posting really outdated photographs. This isn’t surely a great way of building a profile. Be honest about who you are and keeping changing your photos on the website as part of your dating profile. At least those that interact with you aren’t under false pretenses.

These are some specific profile tips that you could use to make sure that you meet interesting people.

Don’t be negative in your thoughts and actions on the dating profile.

Nobody wants to date a whiner or someone full of negativity.

So the first and foremost thing for you to do is to edit all the negative phrases that you have put on your profile. Be positive and you will see the difference that it makes to your dating circuit and social quotient.

Just a simple line that says, “I have heard that online dating is a great way to make friends” will definitely have more people rooting for you rather than the other way round. Instead sample these negative lines “to be honest, I have heard that online dating isn’t always rosy, so I hope I meet the right person”. Well the person isn’t quite sure of what they want.

Please edit all comments that begin with “I hate…” or ‘the last guy that I dated was a moron” and such comments. Nobody wants to be associated with a woman that has negative emotions and comments.

Be unique on your dating profile.

The way that you will get more hits on your profile is to be different that the rest. Be unique on your dating profile and this is the only way that you will get to meet interesting people.

If you write something like this on your profile, “I am a fun loving person, who likes to meet people and love to go out for movies and hamburgers”… Then there are a million other people who would have written the same thing. If you are keen on attracting the opposite sex with this kind of general statements, on your profile, then best of luck to you.

Use clever words that are more descriptive that show off a bit of your adventurous side and yet keep some things mysterious on your dating profile. Men like to unravel mysteries. If you were to read like an open book, then there is no fun for a man to go chasing after you.

Filter out the people that you don’t want on your dating profile.

Your profile should be such that it should be a magnet for the type of people that you would also be interested in. dating profile is about getting the right kind of responses. Use descriptions to narrow down your search.

Say something to the effect of ” I like a clean shaven interesting man between 30-35 years that can hold a fun conversation in a car going at 150 miles” on your dating profile. Well you have said quite a bit about you. Yu have said that you are adventurous, are looking for a great conversation and would like men to be within a certain age group and of course you like men that take care about the way they look.

Use these tips on your dating profile to get what you are looking for.

How to Seduce Women – Using 3 Killer Body Language Techniques

Did you know that the simple use of body language is enough to successfully seduce women? If you wish to become an irresistible magnet for women, then several body language tactics will need to be mastered in order to make these women mentally drool over you. Keep reading to find out three simple techniques of body language that you can put to use to get the girl of your dreams.

How To Seduce Women – Using 3 Killer Body Language Techniques

  • Technique #1. “The Seducer’s Mindset”

    Probably the first thing you need to learn isn’t exactly a technique, but more of a mindset you need to get if you wish to succeed with women you are interested in. Basically, you can never have negative self-esteem when it comes to seducing women. If you do, they will be able to tell through your body language. Therefore, always think the most of yourself and walk in a confident manner. Keep in mind that if you are confident and look confident, women will be attracted to you as they will be convinced of the same thing.

  • Technique #2. “The Eyes”

    Solid eye contact is highly essential with any woman, whether it’s a first meeting or the fifth. Without eye contact, she’ll lose trust in you or think you are insecure. Solid eye contact says “I am intelligent and confident.” And she will definitely reciprocate by wanting you. Keep that in mind.

  • Technique #3. “Slow Motion”

    Take everything slow; this is another sign of ultimate confidence. This is definitely the easiest technique since you can make use of it right away. The minute you start talking to a woman, talk about half as fast as you usually do so see immediate results.