3 Phenomenal Questions to Ask a Woman on a First Date

First dates are almost always awkward. And guess what guys? It is TOTALLY your fault…

Rather than heading into a first date “blindly” you need to take responsibility for making the experience as fun and unique as possible. Don’t leave it to the woman to make it exciting. That is not very alpha at all. Here are some awesome questions to ask a woman on a first date.

  1. “So what are you doing to change the world?”

    The problem with most first dates is that they turn into interviews. This is where all those boring questions like “why did you go to school?” come up.

    Rather than asking the same old questions, add some spice by asking them a DIFFERENT way. For example, this question is just a more creative way of asking what she does for a living. It seems a lot more thought inspiring doesn’t it?

  2. “What is your favorite childhood memory?”

    I don’t really know why, but women go on forever when you ask them this question. SO if you have a short attention span, you may want to leave this one in the bag.

    Questions like these show that you have a real interest in her as an actual person (rather than just a piece of sexy meat).

  3. “Which woman on Sex and the City are you most like?”

    This is a great way to introduce the topic of TV shows and movies into the conversation. You can really have a lot of fun with this one. If she says she doesn’t watch Sex and the City, you can always tease her about the fact that she may be the only woman in the universe who doesn’t watch it.

by Ryan Harten

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