How to Meet Single Men – The Benefits of Meeting Men Online

They say that Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist. And the more you read and hear, the more convinced you are that he really doesn’t exist, that all men fall short of expectations in one area or another, and eventually you settle for someone who is not exactly your ideal match, thus settling for a mediocre relationship with a mediocre man who on top of that plays mind games, disappears on you, stops calling you, cheats on you and dumps you after you’ve invested your emotions in this dysfunctional man.

“Is this the right way to go about dating?”

At the same time I receive lots of e-mails from women who have found their ideal, their Prince Charming.

So, what can YOU do differently to achieve the kind of love and relationship you deserve? What can YOU do to change your luck at dating and finally find the man who is everything you’ve ever dreamed about?

You ARE going to have to actively seek the man of your dreams and you won’t find him hiding under your bed. You already know that he isn’t among the men that you are acquainted with so, now what?

Online dating is your answer. Why?

Because over the years online dating has become one of the main avenues of singles for meeting someone new.

And somewhere out there in this world there is a man who will marry you! A man who will think that you are the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world.

Put together a dating profile and post a few flattering pictures.
Your Mr. Perfect could be a few mouse clicks away.

by Elaine Model


How to Tell If a Guy Likes You – Does He Really Like You?

Let me say right off the bat: stop wasting your time going after men that won’t appreciate you. If you have to be something other than who you really are then he is not worth it. If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you then there are certain ways to do this, let’s take a look at a few:

  1. When he really likes you he will show it by spending quality time with you. If you are with someone that is not giving you the quality time that you deserve than that is not a good sign.
  2. Another sign that he really likes you is judged by the affection he shows you. I am not talking about wanting to go to bed but I am talking about public displays of affection; hugging, kissing, sweet nothings, etc …
  3. In my opinion, the best way how to tell if a guy likes you is to ask him. It may seem like an obvious statement but you would be surprised at how many guys are straight up and willing to tell you how he really feels. So, just go ahead and ask him.
  4. Does he make eye contact with you? When a guy likes you he will look you right in the eye but that is one of the first things to do when he does not.
  5. If he really does like you he will also be willing to help you out with the little things. For example: He will help you wash dishes, pick up your trash and throw it out, do little favors, it really comes down to little acts of kindness.

If you are looking to discover whether or not he really likes you then there are some ways to figure this out. In the end, if he is not good to you and does not appreciate you for who you are then go find someone else.
As the old saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.

by Kim Kertzel

Some Tips For Building a Great Dating Profile – For Women

There is so much competition on the online dating sites that many women will resort to blatant lying or even posting really outdated photographs. This isn’t surely a great way of building a profile. Be honest about who you are and keeping changing your photos on the website as part of your dating profile. At least those that interact with you aren’t under false pretenses.

These are some specific profile tips that you could use to make sure that you meet interesting people.

Don’t be negative in your thoughts and actions on the dating profile.

Nobody wants to date a whiner or someone full of negativity.

So the first and foremost thing for you to do is to edit all the negative phrases that you have put on your profile. Be positive and you will see the difference that it makes to your dating circuit and social quotient.

Just a simple line that says, “I have heard that online dating is a great way to make friends” will definitely have more people rooting for you rather than the other way round. Instead sample these negative lines “to be honest, I have heard that online dating isn’t always rosy, so I hope I meet the right person”. Well the person isn’t quite sure of what they want.

Please edit all comments that begin with “I hate…” or ‘the last guy that I dated was a moron” and such comments. Nobody wants to be associated with a woman that has negative emotions and comments.

Be unique on your dating profile.

The way that you will get more hits on your profile is to be different that the rest. Be unique on your dating profile and this is the only way that you will get to meet interesting people.

If you write something like this on your profile, “I am a fun loving person, who likes to meet people and love to go out for movies and hamburgers”… Then there are a million other people who would have written the same thing. If you are keen on attracting the opposite sex with this kind of general statements, on your profile, then best of luck to you.

Use clever words that are more descriptive that show off a bit of your adventurous side and yet keep some things mysterious on your dating profile. Men like to unravel mysteries. If you were to read like an open book, then there is no fun for a man to go chasing after you.

Filter out the people that you don’t want on your dating profile.

Your profile should be such that it should be a magnet for the type of people that you would also be interested in. dating profile is about getting the right kind of responses. Use descriptions to narrow down your search.

Say something to the effect of ” I like a clean shaven interesting man between 30-35 years that can hold a fun conversation in a car going at 150 miles” on your dating profile. Well you have said quite a bit about you. Yu have said that you are adventurous, are looking for a great conversation and would like men to be within a certain age group and of course you like men that take care about the way they look.

Use these tips on your dating profile to get what you are looking for.

The Unwritten Rules of Online Dating Revealed

With over 40 million people having ventured into the online dating arena, it would be a gross understatement to say that Internet dating is big business. I am sure you are aware that you must protect your privacy on the Internet – you know better than to provide personal information and to trust any Tom, Dick or Harry that comes along. But did you know that online dating also has unwritten rules and that adhering to these rules is crucial to your online dating success?

Lower Your Expectations
Unfortunately, over 95% of those who enter the online dating scene do not actually find their match. These are the people who throw in the towel after a couple of disappointing dates. It is important that you persevere. Online dating is a process. Finding the right person will likely take time and persistence. This means you will need to have a lot of patience to search, screen, email, chat and date before you succeed. Therefore, it is important that you keep your expectations low. After all, would you not rather be pleasantly surprised than deeply disappointed?

Take Your Time to Respond

Your instincts will probably tell you to respond to emails from prospective dates right away… But let me tell you that you need to slow down. You do not want to come across too eager or desperate and taking your time to reply will also allow you to formulate a thoughtful and appropriate response. Responding during the weekend and on holidays is also something you want to avoid to maintain the right image.

Be Yourself

When you compose your online dating profile, it is not unthinkable that you might be tempted to tell little white lies. Whether it concerns your age, height, weight, hobbies or career – do not give in to temptation! Trust is important in all relationships and you do not want to risk sabotaging what might be a great one early on, do you? Once you meet him or her, the truth will come out and you can say farewell to living “happily ever after” together. Additionally, lying requires a great memory and will add unnecessary stress to what should be a fun and enjoyable online dating situation. So do not do it!

Ladies, Let Yourself be Chased

It is a cliché because it is true: men are born hunters, so let them hunt. Yes, this is the 21st century, you have equal rights and to all intent and purposes, we live in a civilized society. Nevertheless, do not chase him per email. Instead, be enigmatic and sophisticated and let him come to you. Trust me, being chased will enhance your online dating experience!

Thanks to the Internet, the world has shrunk to a single neighbourhood. The boy or girl next door that you want to date may actually reside in another country or in a city close by. Online dating makes all of this possible. Keep in mind these unwritten rules as you cast out your net and you will certainly increase your chances of landing that one fish that you are searching for!

by Chonticha Marijne

5 Biggest Internet Dating Mistakes

pic Dating after a divorce is tough. You don’t quite know where to start so here are a few internet dating mistakes and their solutions.

1. Too much too soon So you have been ploughing through those endless profiles on your internet dating site and have come up with someone who interests you. There has been an exchange of emails. He sounds fun and witty and you begin to look forward to his messages. You find yourself getting up earlier in the morning just to log on whilst you drink your coffee to see if he has sent a response to your latest remarks. During the day you compile witty replies in your head and suggestive lines to throw his way. This has gone on for a couple of weeks and he suddenly asks if he can call you. Your chest expands; you are really excited and arrange a time. Now you are curled up in your favourite chair waiting for the call. Guess what it goes well, the same light banter, his voice is not what you expect but that is OK. You talk for an hour. This becomes a daily ritual which you begin to plan your time around. And then he invites you to dinner…

2. Throwing money at it It has been a while since someone invited you out to dinner (you may be just starting dating after your divorce). Your immediate thought is what to wear, need my hair done etc. This means that you spend the best part of a week running around with the one thought in your mind “I must get this right”. You seem to have disappeared and you feel that you need to invent a new person to go on this date. In order to be that person you have to package yourself in some particular way. There must be some key that you can find, a particular dress, new haircut etc. You believe that you need to make yourself more appealing.

3. Thinking that you know the person The evening has arrived and you meet at the arranged restaurant (good step, as all the dating advice recommends that you meet in a public place). You are especially nervous and excited but also slightly uncomfortable because the shoes are new and you feel a bit wobbly in them. It is strange you recognise this person but at the same time you don’t. The voice you know that but he does not look like the person in the photograph, taller, shorter a bit heavier or gangly something is not as you imagined. Anyway he seems quite at ease but maybe that is just a contrast to how you are feeling. Initially conversation is going well as there are points of contact from your previous conversations but it isn’t going anywhere. By the main course you are starting to drink a little too much to fill in the silences. Your feet really hurt now and you are taking surreptitious glances at your watch – only 9 o’clock. No dessert thanks and by the way you have an early startin the office tomorrow so you have to go soon. Can’t think of anything but getting out of the shoes. Yes it was good, do call me…

4. Fantasy – it’s only in your head Next day or later in the week, the emails/calls are still coming and you continue to respond. It’s a though you have never met and you can get on with the easy going repartee that has become almost a habit. In your mind he is something you want him to be, well not quite but you can have yourself believe that he is whilst you exchange messages and late night calls. You are starting to develop a whole life in your head around this person, you imagine where you can live with him, what you will do, holidays together in fact everything you ever want with someone. This is taking up a lot of head space but that is enjoyable in itself, you feel connected to someone if only in your mind.

5. Not paying attention to the signals A week or so more and you are becoming slightly irritated by the emails and are not responding quite so readily. But he asks you if you want to come out for another evening and that heart leaps to your throat again. You agree even though there is a vague memory of discomfort from the first meeting. Well you remind yourself that all the dating advice recommends that it is aout getting to know someone. I can’t expect to feel comfortable about everything immediately. He is suggesting dinner again, you don’t really want to but you are not sure what you want to do so you go along with it. You had arranged to see a girl-friend that night but you tell her you can’t make it, she seems a bit put-out but you put that thought aside.The second evening seems very long.

Too much too soon – It is so tempting to put all your focus on one person at a time when you are looking to date on the internet. But it is important to remember that not only are all those people out there looking at numerous people at any one time but you could be too. If you put most of your time and energy into any one contact at a very early stage this means that you cannot scout, screen and sort other possible people.

Dating Advice: Don’t make a big investment emotionally in any relationship without solid foundations.

Throwing money at it – Recent research has revealed that online daters are spending a lot of money taking out people who they realise, after the first 15 minutes are not for them. Remember be authentic, the packaging is only that and is not who you are. Meeting for a cup of coffee or a drink will give you enough time to assess whether this person is someone you want to know better.

Dating Advice: Packaging is not the answer, be clear about who you are, what you want in a relationship and set about finding it in a considered way.

Thinking you know this person – We can easily be seduced by email conversations and late night telephone calls. Apart from the actual chemistry that is missing in these exchanges there is that part that you know very well yourself, where you just reveal what you want at any given time. If you know what your requirements are in a relationship this will help you assess quite quickly if this person is for you. Most of us allow things to just drift along and are not pro-active in having a plan for ourselves when it comes to relationships.

Dating Advice: How is it we plan for everything except relationships? Take some time to plan what you want in a relationship before you get into a habit or rut with someone.

Fantasy – it’s only in your head – It is very easy to live in the fantasy of a relationship even from a very early stage. After all that is why you have signed up on the dating site in the first place – you want a relationship. However, being truthful with yourself is easier if you have a relationship plan. Then you can ask yourself, from the information you have so far, does this person tick some of my boxes. If so then you can continue to find out more about them whilst finding out about other people at the same time.Projecting onto any one person, especially at a very early stage, all you hopes and dreams is likely to bring you some amount of pain and heartache when you find this isn’t going to work out.

Dating Advice: Spread the emotional load by giving your attention to a number of people, it helps deal with the ups and downs of the dating cycle if you are not exclusive right from the start.

Not paying enough attention to the signals – it is amazing how quicky we can get ourselves into habits and relationships, however new, are one of those areas. We all like attention and contact with people but what about the rest of your life, those friends who have been around for you, your family. Anyone who might be for you will, you hope, want to share life with a person who has a balanced life and that includes all the other activities and people in your life. Straining towards exclusivity at a very early stage and throwing all your time and attention towards the relationship can be a disaster.

Dating Advice: Get out there and have any dating and relationships fit in with your life as a successful single. Know what your requirements, needs and wants are and look for someone who can meet these.

by Trisha Stone