How to Attract a Girl Through the Phone

Once you use your charms and flirting techniques to obtain her phone number you will feel like a king of the world. This is not the end of your journey and the next big step will be to call her and set up a date. Guys, pay attention to this part particularly, since at this stage most of you could mess up. Imagine, just going through all the trouble to get her phone number and at the end just waste the chance by making a bad impression over the phone.

The seduction game can drastically change while engaging a phone conversation with a girl. The environment at this point is completely different than if you would be talking to her in real. The first thing, she cannot see you and you can only rely on your verbal abilities to get her in the mood. Second thing, she maybe forgot who you are so you need to remind her where you met and how. If you don’t think you will know exactly what to say and how to make an easy and successful flow of the conversation, here are a few useful tips to help you out.

    Two successful phone seduction strategies

  • – “Make her laugh”. The first barrier will be to engage a successful phone conversation without letting her know that you are nervous, which is easily done just by using humor. At the start you need to be able to get her mood up and get her to LAUGH. If this happens, she won’t hang up the phone on you and the course of the conversation will go to your favor and you’ll most likely be able to set up the first date. The objective of this game is to keep her entertained long enough so you could tell her all you have on your mind.
  • – “The Strategy of a Cliffhanger”. The second barrier is connected to the genuine interest. If she seems to be bored with the conversation, be sure that you won’t be able to set up a date and spend time with her. You could let the conversation flow to the direction of a story that will have an open ending, all in the purpose of making her wish she sees you. Curiosity is the key, and it might even happen that she initiates the date if she gets curious enough. Do it slick and like a pro and leave the finale for the end. Girl’s curiosity could be provoked easily, so keep this in mind and use it as an advantage.

How to Use Your Eyes to Build Attraction

Your eyes are a very important asset in the whole dating and pick up game. Ever hear a girl say “he has nice eyes” and then you look at the guy she’s admiring and his eyes don’t look like anything special.

It’s because he knows how to use his eyes to communicate confidence and sensuality. Something that took me years to figure out. You can be sensual without being sexual. There are a ton of things you can do to build attraction and every dating coach has their own opinions as well as their own field-tested results. Most will agree that your body language, how close / far away you are from her, your eyes, your vocal projection, how and when you touch her, sense of humour, confidence, etc. are all necessary ingredients for building attraction.

You are going to use your eyes to build SOME level of interest. Then you’re going to use them to build attraction. Interest, then attraction….got it? If you’re not used to looking a girl straight in the eye without making a weird face or without turning away, then it’s something you can overcome by practising. How do you practice?

Simply start making more eye contact. It helps if you bring a buddy or a female friend to walk a few feet away from you so they can see your facial expression when you do make eye contact. Their feedback will be invaluable. Here’s the biggest lesson about eye contact:

Looking a woman in the eye and holding it longer than normal communicates to her that you are confident. It tells her you are not an average guy. An average guy looks a hot girl in the eye and then looks down at the floor or he looks away. Let’s take this deeper.

Her internal biological and psychological mechanisms that CREATE or DESTROY attraction go into motion. Without even thinking about it on a conscious level she already begins to get that “ewwww” feeling.

All you’re doing from across the room, café, bowling alley, gas station, night club, bar, wherever…is communicating that “hey, I’m a great catch, I’m confident, and I’m not an average guy.”

Women, especially cute ones, get approaches by TONS of men who suck up to them and say stupid things, so by simply holding your eye contact a little longer than normal you’re telling her that there’s a small chances you are one of those guys.

There are dozens of ways to use your eyes to BUILD the attraction after you have generated initial interest. Here’s one that I used recently at a night club. I saw a group of girls at the bar getting drinks. One of the brunettes turned around to see what was going on (hot girls tend to do that) and our eyes met. We lock, 3 seconds later we both look away.

Brunette becomes intrigued and turns around again pretending to look at other people but then her eyes land on me again. To her surprise I’m still standing there, drink in my hand, and catch her gaze again. This time I take a few steps closer to her though not walking directly toward her. I’m walking more to the group to her left.

As I’m walking toward her I caress her face with eyes and let out a small smirk. I’ve read / heard some pick up artists say to never, every smile or smirk at a woman, and I could NOT disagree more. There’s a time and place for just about everything.

There are two basic types of smiles:

  • A weak, needy smile.
  • A smile that exudes confidence.

If you’ve watched enough movies in your lifetime you know what I’m talking about.

She smirks back. Not an ear-to-ear grin, but a smirk. Like most hot girls, this girl knew how to pace. By the time she has turned 18 years old, a hot girl has had far MORE social interactions than your typical 18 year old male.

When was the last time you had 25 to 50 females approach you in one week? One weekend? It’s not easy being a good-looking female, which is why many of them resort to being bitchy when you first approach them. I actually LIKE it when a hot babe is bitchy to me because I know she’s mistaking me for the wrong guy.

Sometimes just staying there and talking like everything’s normal does the trick.
Sometimes just saying “hey, it’s ok, relax…my bark is worse than my bite.” Back to the bar girl.

I was not at this night club to pick up. I was there with my date to dance and listen to the DJs bring the house down, but I love to flirt, especially with my eyes. So I walked by the brunette and then continued walking. This is non-neediness at it’s best. I was at the club to have a good time, not to get digits or get somewhere with any one girl.

About an hour later I bumped into her group again and decided to caress her face again with my eyes. We were about 5 inches apart, talk about creating sexual tension (a good thing in this case). She then smacks my shoulder and walks off.That smack on my shoulder was her way of telling me:

“You flirt with me with your eyes and then you don’t step up and talk to me?”

The thing is, if you’re confident you don’t give a crap on what some cute young thing thinks about you. You really don’t. So her little smack on my shoulder….I loved it man. I get smacked a lot by cute girls, I think I drive them crazy sometimes. I’m just out to have a good time. Girls GET that vibe and are drawn to it.

Remember girls can SENSE when you’re needy or WANT something from them. The hotter they are the more they will assume that you WANT them. By the way you talk, the way you move, and the way you use your eyes you can communicate to them that “there’s always another girl”…..without having to say it. It will come with practice.

So, I followed her, tapped her firmly on the shoulder, grabbed her hand, twirled her around, let her go, and then walked back to my group of friends (my date had disappeared to the bathroom). My friend told me the look on her face was “priceless”…it could have been a Mastercard commercial.

Pick up is a skill. Flirting is a skill. Just like learning tennis, how to write calligraphy, or learning a new language…it’s a real skill and it takes practice. Once you ACCEPT this fact you take away a lot of stress and self-doubt.

Then you can focus more on your goals and not so much on the PROCESS. You’ve got to practice, reject rejection, and learn to use your eyes, then you go in and make the approach, IF you want to. That’s the great thing about working on your skill set, you can opt to approach, or not. You can opt to get her phone number or simply have a great interaction with a girl and then walk away.

I do it all the time. My friends constantly tell me “dude, you should have asked for her number.”

My response is always the same:

“I chose not to.”

When you can get a date anytime you want, it no longer becomes a NECESSITY. Once you get to this level of personal development is when you know you’ve gotten rid of your neediness…..

I know you guys are going to ask me this question so I’m going to answer it right now:

“Do I have to get eye contact to talk to a girl?”


You do NOT need it. It’s great if you get it, but I’ve done some of my best work by just walking up to a girl and just start talking.

Holding your eye contact is just one of the few things you can start doing RIGHT now to begin having better results with the female population. So start having fun with this. Start experimenting with your eye contact. Who knows, you just might make a new friend.

by Rod Cortez

3 Phenomenal Questions to Ask a Woman on a First Date

First dates are almost always awkward. And guess what guys? It is TOTALLY your fault…

Rather than heading into a first date “blindly” you need to take responsibility for making the experience as fun and unique as possible. Don’t leave it to the woman to make it exciting. That is not very alpha at all. Here are some awesome questions to ask a woman on a first date.

  1. “So what are you doing to change the world?”

    The problem with most first dates is that they turn into interviews. This is where all those boring questions like “why did you go to school?” come up.

    Rather than asking the same old questions, add some spice by asking them a DIFFERENT way. For example, this question is just a more creative way of asking what she does for a living. It seems a lot more thought inspiring doesn’t it?

  2. “What is your favorite childhood memory?”

    I don’t really know why, but women go on forever when you ask them this question. SO if you have a short attention span, you may want to leave this one in the bag.

    Questions like these show that you have a real interest in her as an actual person (rather than just a piece of sexy meat).

  3. “Which woman on Sex and the City are you most like?”

    This is a great way to introduce the topic of TV shows and movies into the conversation. You can really have a lot of fun with this one. If she says she doesn’t watch Sex and the City, you can always tease her about the fact that she may be the only woman in the universe who doesn’t watch it.

by Ryan Harten

Tips to Get Your Girl Hooked: Make Her Yours Forever

Okay. It’s not enough that this girl likes you back. She has apparently made it clear that she also digs you and finds you sweet and is willing to go out on dates with you at last. And then, here you are, wanting her so bad.
You want her to be completely glued and hooked on you for entirely. The going-on-your-knees and professing-your-undying-love may back fire or just won’t work. So take these little tips to get your girl hooked. And make her yours forever!

  • Do not be available 24/7. You heard that right. Though you do want to be accessible to her every whim all the time, this would make her feel that you’re being obsessive and might be stalking her. Do not call or text all day (unless she does). This will make you look desperate. Instead, be cool. Ask her on a date, text her sometimes just to let her know you’re thinking of her. Drooling is not an option.
  • Make her feel special. When a girl finally says she likes you, do not be so comfortable by it. Keep being thoughtful. Continue saying sweet things to her and let her feel secure and cared for. Girls are suckers for romantic guys.
  • Constantly remind her that she’s extraordinary. It might be during a usual conversation, or you can blurt it out every once in a while. Like guys, girls would like to pump up their egos and this will absolutely make her glued on you.Be a good listener. Girls love to whine and talk all day. Listen and offer an advice. She may take it or leave it but believe me, she will totally appreciate you being involved.
  • Do not forget yourself. By putting extra effort on how you look, dress and move, this will add up to your charisma and make a girl swoon, reminding herself how lucky she is to have you. But remember: be yourself. Nothing beats it when you show your true colors.

by Mark Taylor

How to Seduce Women – Using 3 Killer Body Language Techniques

Did you know that the simple use of body language is enough to successfully seduce women? If you wish to become an irresistible magnet for women, then several body language tactics will need to be mastered in order to make these women mentally drool over you. Keep reading to find out three simple techniques of body language that you can put to use to get the girl of your dreams.

How To Seduce Women – Using 3 Killer Body Language Techniques

  • Technique #1. “The Seducer’s Mindset”

    Probably the first thing you need to learn isn’t exactly a technique, but more of a mindset you need to get if you wish to succeed with women you are interested in. Basically, you can never have negative self-esteem when it comes to seducing women. If you do, they will be able to tell through your body language. Therefore, always think the most of yourself and walk in a confident manner. Keep in mind that if you are confident and look confident, women will be attracted to you as they will be convinced of the same thing.

  • Technique #2. “The Eyes”

    Solid eye contact is highly essential with any woman, whether it’s a first meeting or the fifth. Without eye contact, she’ll lose trust in you or think you are insecure. Solid eye contact says “I am intelligent and confident.” And she will definitely reciprocate by wanting you. Keep that in mind.

  • Technique #3. “Slow Motion”

    Take everything slow; this is another sign of ultimate confidence. This is definitely the easiest technique since you can make use of it right away. The minute you start talking to a woman, talk about half as fast as you usually do so see immediate results.

What It Means When A Woman Tells You She Has A Boyfriend

dp3.JPGAfter walking up and starting a conversation with a woman who you find to be attractive you think to yourself everything is going great we got a good vibe going and I think she might like me.

Suddenly she tells you that she has a boyfriend.

What are you supposed to do now?

Well, the first thing you need to do is understand what she really means when she says that she has a boyfriend.

The most common reason why a woman will tell you she has a boyfriend is because she is not only not attracted to you but based on your actions she has also assumed that you like her.

What she wants to tell you is I don’t like you now leave me alone.

But, not too many women are at a point in their life where they would feel comfortable telling this to a man especially if he seems nice.

Of course some women will tell you they have a boyfriend because she really does and you haven’t done anything to make her want to put that relationship in jeopardy.

Then again some women tell you this because you are pushing all of the right buttons inside of her and she wants you, but, only for sex and more often than not she needs you to be discreet about it, since obviously her boyfriend is providing her with something that she deems she need.

At least until you have proven that you are worth more than just a casual fling.

The bottom line is when a woman tells you she has a boyfriend it doesn’t mean much unless or until she walks away.

Of course you also need to ask yourself if you have done anything to make her want you and if not perhaps it is you who should just walk away.

by Teddy Shabba

7 Words That Make You Irresistible To Women

bchDo you believe in the power of words? Read on to learn a simple trick that really works to increase your self-confidence and esteem. Try this simple exercise and increase your attraction to women.

It is important to do the exercise each day for at least a week. Have you notices that women are turned off men that lack confidence. They generally hate men that are nervous, stammer or are unsure of themselves.

I feel most women want to be lead by a masculine, sensitive man, which allows them to surrender and let go. Good confidence is real turn on to a woman. The hotter the women the more insecure most men will become. The bad news is that if you go on and meet your date with your Hot women in a nervous state, she’ll smell it a mile away. That is assuming you got her to say yes to a date in the first place.

Hot women usually test men in some way to see if they are up to the challenge and do not fold like a wimp. After all, a hot woman gets asked out many times a day. Usually a man will say, “gee you are beautiful, can I ask you out?”

Imaging been approached like that many times a day and you can see why the hot women will just turn away with such a lame approach. Men that say the simple word NO will be rare around very sexy women.

So what are the 7 words that help to make you more irresistible to women? These words are very useful when you have a hot date lined up and want to feel more confident and at ease.

So before you meet your date or even before you ask her out say these words…

I love myself and I am irresistible.

Now this might just seem like positive thinking but if you say this many times each day, you will start to feel this way. Think of how many times a day you put yourself down in some way by some sort of negative thinking, especially around hot women.

When repeating this affirmation, feel how an irresistible man would stand. How would he talk and what would his body language be. How would he engage the women by his eye gaze? Really start to feel in your body what an irresistible man is like.

When you repeat this exercise each day your body will learn what an irresistible man feels in his body. When you are feeling like this in your body, women will be attracted to you and not even know why. If you really love yourself, women will feel this and feel you will be able to love them too.

Another way to create this feeling of self-love is to imagine back in your past when you were totally successful with a women. We all have something from our past when we felt on top of the world and this radiated out. When we want to feel powerful, just turn your mind back to this situation and imagine in again. Again try to feel what it felt like in your body. Breathe it in to your belly.

I hope these simple tips will help you increase your self-confidence and esteem and lead to more dating success.

by Maurice Tate