How to Seduce Women – Using 3 Killer Body Language Techniques

Did you know that the simple use of body language is enough to successfully seduce women? If you wish to become an irresistible magnet for women, then several body language tactics will need to be mastered in order to make these women mentally drool over you. Keep reading to find out three simple techniques of body language that you can put to use to get the girl of your dreams.

How To Seduce Women – Using 3 Killer Body Language Techniques

  • Technique #1. “The Seducer’s Mindset”

    Probably the first thing you need to learn isn’t exactly a technique, but more of a mindset you need to get if you wish to succeed with women you are interested in. Basically, you can never have negative self-esteem when it comes to seducing women. If you do, they will be able to tell through your body language. Therefore, always think the most of yourself and walk in a confident manner. Keep in mind that if you are confident and look confident, women will be attracted to you as they will be convinced of the same thing.

  • Technique #2. “The Eyes”

    Solid eye contact is highly essential with any woman, whether it’s a first meeting or the fifth. Without eye contact, she’ll lose trust in you or think you are insecure. Solid eye contact says “I am intelligent and confident.” And she will definitely reciprocate by wanting you. Keep that in mind.

  • Technique #3. “Slow Motion”

    Take everything slow; this is another sign of ultimate confidence. This is definitely the easiest technique since you can make use of it right away. The minute you start talking to a woman, talk about half as fast as you usually do so see immediate results.


What It Means When A Woman Tells You She Has A Boyfriend

dp3.JPGAfter walking up and starting a conversation with a woman who you find to be attractive you think to yourself everything is going great we got a good vibe going and I think she might like me.

Suddenly she tells you that she has a boyfriend.

What are you supposed to do now?

Well, the first thing you need to do is understand what she really means when she says that she has a boyfriend.

The most common reason why a woman will tell you she has a boyfriend is because she is not only not attracted to you but based on your actions she has also assumed that you like her.

What she wants to tell you is I don’t like you now leave me alone.

But, not too many women are at a point in their life where they would feel comfortable telling this to a man especially if he seems nice.

Of course some women will tell you they have a boyfriend because she really does and you haven’t done anything to make her want to put that relationship in jeopardy.

Then again some women tell you this because you are pushing all of the right buttons inside of her and she wants you, but, only for sex and more often than not she needs you to be discreet about it, since obviously her boyfriend is providing her with something that she deems she need.

At least until you have proven that you are worth more than just a casual fling.

The bottom line is when a woman tells you she has a boyfriend it doesn’t mean much unless or until she walks away.

Of course you also need to ask yourself if you have done anything to make her want you and if not perhaps it is you who should just walk away.

by Teddy Shabba

The Unwritten Rules of Online Dating Revealed

With over 40 million people having ventured into the online dating arena, it would be a gross understatement to say that Internet dating is big business. I am sure you are aware that you must protect your privacy on the Internet – you know better than to provide personal information and to trust any Tom, Dick or Harry that comes along. But did you know that online dating also has unwritten rules and that adhering to these rules is crucial to your online dating success?

Lower Your Expectations
Unfortunately, over 95% of those who enter the online dating scene do not actually find their match. These are the people who throw in the towel after a couple of disappointing dates. It is important that you persevere. Online dating is a process. Finding the right person will likely take time and persistence. This means you will need to have a lot of patience to search, screen, email, chat and date before you succeed. Therefore, it is important that you keep your expectations low. After all, would you not rather be pleasantly surprised than deeply disappointed?

Take Your Time to Respond

Your instincts will probably tell you to respond to emails from prospective dates right away… But let me tell you that you need to slow down. You do not want to come across too eager or desperate and taking your time to reply will also allow you to formulate a thoughtful and appropriate response. Responding during the weekend and on holidays is also something you want to avoid to maintain the right image.

Be Yourself

When you compose your online dating profile, it is not unthinkable that you might be tempted to tell little white lies. Whether it concerns your age, height, weight, hobbies or career – do not give in to temptation! Trust is important in all relationships and you do not want to risk sabotaging what might be a great one early on, do you? Once you meet him or her, the truth will come out and you can say farewell to living “happily ever after” together. Additionally, lying requires a great memory and will add unnecessary stress to what should be a fun and enjoyable online dating situation. So do not do it!

Ladies, Let Yourself be Chased

It is a cliché because it is true: men are born hunters, so let them hunt. Yes, this is the 21st century, you have equal rights and to all intent and purposes, we live in a civilized society. Nevertheless, do not chase him per email. Instead, be enigmatic and sophisticated and let him come to you. Trust me, being chased will enhance your online dating experience!

Thanks to the Internet, the world has shrunk to a single neighbourhood. The boy or girl next door that you want to date may actually reside in another country or in a city close by. Online dating makes all of this possible. Keep in mind these unwritten rules as you cast out your net and you will certainly increase your chances of landing that one fish that you are searching for!

by Chonticha Marijne

How To Avoid Being Deceived When Meeting Online

The Internet has again crept further into our daily lives with the conception of on line dating. With a couple clicks of a button you can open a whole broad world of people awaiting you, looking for relationships..

Naturally, when meeting people on line your decisions have to be made carefully. The basic awareness and basic rules are recommended, even necessary, to remain safe and to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. The majority of people you meet on line you can be relatively sure they are harmless. However, there are always those among the crowd, which hide their true identity, or completely lie about who they are and what they want of you.

It is very easy to be deceived on line – without being able to see a person face to face it can be hard to judge them. A mistake when meeting people on line or using on line dating sites can have very real consequences, and at the very least allows the misuse of your personal information. Consequently the personal awareness and caution are necessary when meeting people on line. With some simple precautions you can be relatively sure that the people you meet are harmless and by carefully protecting passwords, using username only and not disclosing personal information, you can continue you to appreciate meeting people on line without the risk.

by Dave Stewart

Success of Online Dating

Is there really success being experienced with online dating? What is the success rate of online dating? Can you be successful with online dating?

I am not a success story, let us get that straight right now, but I am here to tell you what people are looking for and why they use online dating. The success of online dating is not different than any other type of dating. You get what you are willing to put into it.

This is how online dating works. You join a dating site and then you meet someone. You read their profile, which is basically an overview of how they view themselves. This will give you an idea of the confidence of the person and some of the basics.

Then, you start chatting or e-mailing this person. Hopefully they are interested too and you start interviewing them. Online dating is great for the beginning because you can ask a lot of questions without feeling awkward. The only problem is you don’t get the body language to go along with the reactions to your questions.

Online dating has proven to be successful and is a great way to meet people, but take caution. Just like with any other type of dating, there are losers, players, married people cheating, and actual romantics. I think that if you are serious about finding your mate you should explore all the options with your best effort.

So if you are going to use online dating, use it successfully. One tip I will give you right off the bat is to be completely honest. If you lie about your appearance, personality, or anything else, you are just setting yourself up to be dumped on. The other person will find out before you ever get anywhere with them.

Be successful with online dating by using caution, honesty, and by being a decent person. This is how you will achieve the success of online dating.
Are you ready to find your soul mate? Do you want to have more success with online dating than you could ever dream of? Then start by joining one our recommended websites.

by Harrison Street

11 Signs Your Date Is Married

You know if you wrecked the truck on purpose because you needed the insurance money to make the next payment, you might be a redneck. At least that’s what Jeff Foxworthy says.

And if your date is up to any of the following, s/he just might be married.

1) If his or her picture isn’t online, but he or she has plenty to send you…he or she might be married.

Yeah, well…maybe he or she is embarrassed to be seen online by co-workers, etc. With online dating becoming more and more mainstream, that excuse is going to be less and less useful.

2) If he or she always has an excuse for not having you over the house…he or she might be married.

Especially guys. If a man does not want women over to his house, it can only mean one of two things: a) He’s married, or… b) …he’s homeless (or at least close).

Now here’s the other side of the coin. Checking out someone’s place is an excellent way to get this whole issued resolved. Unless s/he’s an independently wealthy one with ‘crash pads’ other than the primary residence, you’ll be able to tell PDQ that dude/dudette is single.

3) If he or she can only see you at weird hours…he or she might be married.

Are you being pencilled in for a lot of weekday breakfasts or lunches? A “quick dinner” that ends by 7.30? Saturday afternoon from 1-2.30? OK…you can wake up now.

Bear in mind this point stands only when a blanket statement. If there are weird times in addition to blocks of time during weekends and evenings, that’s probably a good sign.

4) If he or she can only see you for a short while at a time…he or she might be married.

This goes right along with the previous point. If someone likes you, s/he wants to hang around for more than an hour at a time…at least sometimes. Again, some short visits are a good sign…if there are also blocks of time being spent together. 5) If he or she live in a major metro area but are flying around the country/world to meet you…he or she might be married.

This is a good one. A lot of people think that meeting someone online from far away and doing the LDR (i.e. “long distance relationship”) is so romantic. My simple question to you is this: If s/he’s such an incredible gem of a “hottie”, why does this person need to meet people hundreds or thousands of miles away when he or she lives in oh, say, Chicago? I’m thinking that in a metro area of 10m people (or 250K people, for that matter), there’s someone local to date. Granted, God may have put your soulmate far away from you to teach you both discipline, dedication, patience, etc. But through the fog of infatuation, at least consider how virtually foolproof it is for someone who is married to set up trysts in far away places.

Be especially wary when someone from far away has existing business concerns in your city, or could logically. For example, if dude works for a supplier to AT&T out of Oakland, CA, he’s probably coming to San Antonio at some point anyway. It’s way too easy to get away with this for a married person. Even if someone is coming in for the weekend, find out if s/he has some hobby or interest that would have earned a “kitchen pass” with the spouse.

Do the research. Add it up. Go with your gut on this.

BTW, look for the ins and outs of flying somewhere to meet an online friend in a future article.

5) If you can’t get a home phone number out of them…he or she might be married.

With so many people cutting off the landlines in favour of going mobile only these days, this is far from foolproof. But if seen in combo with other factors, take it into consideration.

6) If you’ve seen them driving two different vehicles…he or she might be married.

Example: Guy shows up to your first date with an ’03 Chevy Silverado pickup. Second date, he’s driving an ’01 Honda Odyssey minivan. This is not a good sign. Sorry, troops…single people just don’t tend to own both a pickup truck and a minivan. Or two different Honda Accords. You get my drift. If you call the guy in our example out on this and he says something to the effect of, “Oh, that’s a rental. The truck’s in the shop” take into consideration that a) Rentals are usually less than two model years old,… b) are invariably free of visible damage (even “used” car rentals don’t have smashed fenders,… c) almost always have the rental company’s logo/barcodes on them somewhere., and… d) rentals from dealers/repair shops are typically small econo-boxes or (at best) equivalent to what the customer is driving. The rental excuse will either hold water, or it won’t.

Note, however, that if a guy in particular has two dissimilar vehicles it’s not necessarily a bad sign. Lot’s of guys do. For example, if he has a pickup truck one day and a Porsche the next, that’s not what we are talking about here. Oh…and more single guys have “family” type cars/minivans than you think. That alone isn’t a biggee.

7) If he or she has tan lines on his or her left ring finger…he or she might be married.

Yep, this is the classic stereotype. It’s obvious, but it still deserves mention. People still try to get away with this.

8 ) If he or she is “legally separated”…he or she might be married.

Scratch “might be”…he or she is married. This scenario deserves careful research and lots of questions. Also, be advised that in some states (e.g. here in TX) there isn’t even such a thing as “legal separation”. Being involved with someone who is “separated” may mean the spouse (and that’s what that other person is, frankly) may not exactly feel the same way or be on the same page as your date. Proceed with caution-after all, there’s already an admission going on here that s/he’s married! Guys, this is a good way to get shot at. Think about it.

9) If the divorce “is going to be final any day now”…he or she might be married.

This goes hand-in-hand with the point above…maybe literally. You have an admission from your date that s/he is married, so almost any excuse goes, doesn’t it? For what it’s worth, I really hope that if you are intelligent enough to read English you would never be willing to believe that your date is going to “get around to leaving” his or her spouse sometime “soon”. Please.

10) If he or she just moved here from somewhere else…he or she might be married.

Sure people move all the time, but if there really wasn’t anything to move TO in your city for your date (e.g. job, family ties, etc.) then you should find out what s/he is moving FROM. Caveat emptor…the break-up might not be final back at home.

11) If he or she has to leave when the cell phone rings…he or she might be married.

Oh yeah. Gotta keep the spouse informed…and in this case your date is going to have to lie to everyone at once about it, so that conversation can’t happen in front of you. Logical, isn’t it? This isn’t foolproof, however, especially if your date is on-call for work a lot and deals with potentially sensitive info (e.g. doctor, lawyer, law-enforcement). You make the “call” on this one.

by Scot McKay

How to be Successful at Online Dating

With such a fast-paced world, dating has been set to the next level. But no matter how quick you convert chats and private messaging into real life dates, online relationships can absolutely turn into something steady and serious.

If you are ready to plunge into the world of online dating, here are some tips to make you successful in your feat:

Work on Your Profile
If someone were looking for a date online, whether through chat or » Female Dating, your profile would be the first thing that he or she would check out. Avoid writing about negative things in your profile – a positive aura always attracts people in a good way. Be creative and clever in creating your profile. Also, try to comparing yourself with someone famous or a movie character so as to paint a picture of your personality.

Picture Perfect
Try to post your best picture. Posting pictures of cartoon characters or celebrities instead of your own can give the impression that you are trying to be someone that you are not.

Don’t Rush Things
Don’t arrange for a meet-up right away. Take time to get to know your would-be date either on chat or through private messaging (a week or so would do). If you can, get his/her mobile number so that you can call or text them whenever either of you goes offline. Your previous conversations with them can make things easier when you decide to go out on a real date.

Be Consistent
There are some people that you share a good first conversation with. The key to honing an online relationship is constant communication. See to it that you send a message to your someone on a regular basis. Remember that there are probably hundreds of other people that he/she is chatting with, so make a move to let him/her know you’re still interested!

Although dating in the online world is in such a hurried state, you should not be. Take time to get to know a person and share something about you as well. If you both hit it off on the internet, chances are you may be compatible offline as well. Now that’s something to look forward to.

by Ron Zvagelsky